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Shalini Gupta..

"I am on the mission to help women who want freedom from the 9 to 5 and intend to kickstart their own business"

Welcome to my home office. It is online and perfectly suits the digital era we are living in. Make yourself cozy.

Hi! I’m Shalini, a proud mother to a beautiful girl, an entrepreneur, digital marketer, a passionate, hardworking woman with a passion for coaching and mentoring women aspiring to grow in their entrepreneurial journey.   

I’m on a mission to help women who want freedom from the 9 to 5 and intend to kickstart their own business, with a strong tilt to own a business, and find financial independence.

 self-sufficient (who can pay their bills),

As a woman, I have felt and embraced a strong desire for financial independence that goes beyond paying bills and taking care of the household. I don’t recommend that you put your faith in another’s hand, be it a spouse or a parent. I will teach you simple-effective ways to earn and invest and enable you to go beyond being self-sufficient and actually enjoy your money.

I did not arrive out of a magic spell. It took me hard-learned lessons and I am here to impart them to you. Thus far, I have learnt lessons from over two or three business-failures. I learnt from these failures that they were simply due to the lack of information, support and mentorship.  These were my “if only I had…” moments.

I have almost given up at times in this journey. They were difficult and I admit them with pride. However, a magical thing happened to me in 2021. I met my true mentor who advised and assisted my growth. It was a dream come true.

This was a turning point for me. It was thus decided that I would back all those women who were truly committed to their careers.

So, I learned… and then I put it into practice. I made a lot of mistakes, but I fixed them… I had to relearn…

And now I want to teach those who have high aspirations but are unable to achieve them due to a lack of knowledge.



“If you have aspirations in life, you must be passionate about achieving them.”

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